3 Ways To Repair Your Corrupt Flash Drive Or SD Card (2020)

The micro SD card is a storage media, in which photos, documents, music, and videos can be stored. It is an inexpensive portable storage media, which is widely used on cameras, smart phones, music players and other portable devices just like pen drive.

The SD card as we know comes in different sizes, ranging from 512MB to 512GB and up to a terabyte. As little and convenient an SD card can be, they are prone to corruption or damage as well due to its short life span which can lead to loss of stored files.


• Never use the SD card on multiple devices.
• Get your storage media from trusted brands like SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston, Sony, Panasonic e.t.c.
• Do not Expose SD card or flash drive to Moist, Dirt or high temperature.
• Never remove the flash dive SD card while in use.
• Never remove the SD card or flash drive half way during transfer of files either from PC, mobile devices or any devices.

So I will be showing you three methods in which you can use to recover your corrupt SD card or flash drive. Note that if the SD card is broken it can not be fixed.


Using the CHKDSK command is easy

Step 1: Turn on your Computer.
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Step 2: Insert your SD card or Flash drive to the PC.
Step 3: Note your Drive letter (the letter in front of your SD card or flash drive) by opening my computer under storage and devices.
Step 4: Click on the windows icon, on the search box type in CMD and open.

A command window will open

Step 5: Now type in “chkdsk” followed by your SD card or flash drive letter, a colon and /f. For example chkdsk D:/f if your drive leTter is E, then you type in chkdsk E:/F and click on enter.

Chkdsk Command Prompt

Wait for some couple of minutes chkdsk command will find for possible errors on the SD card or flash drive and fix it and that’s that for the first method. This will also fix your drive without formatting it.


This is the easiest method which everyone is familiar with; formatting your SD card or flash drive will wipe out every data in that drive,
Formatting an sd card
also this formatting trick that I will show you will help in returning your flash drive or SD card to normal if it has a problem of slow transfer of large files.

Step 1: Insert your SD card or flash drive in your Pc,
Step 2: Double click on my computer.
Step 3: Right Click on your SD card or your flash drive and click on format. (Trick For slow Transfer)
Step 4: A dialogue box will open now click on the file system box and choose Fat32.
Step 5: Click on format and wait for few seconds until formatting is done.
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After following this steps, your SD card or flash drive should be back to normal but if formatting won’t work (perhaps SD card or flash drive is unable to format,) then try the 3rd method.

3rd Method (Using Command Prompt)

Follow the steps below in order to achieve a successful SD card or Pen drive recovery.

1. Open CMD via search box.
2. Type in” DISKPART” click enter and wait a pop up will open click on Yes now a new window will open now type in all the below on the new window.
3. Type “LISTDISK” and send.
4. Type in “Select Disk 1” and click on enter.
5. Type in “CLEAN” and click on enter.
6. Type in “CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY” and click on enter.
7. Type in “ACTIVE” and click enter.
8. Type in “SELECT PARTITION 1” and click on enter.
9. Type in “FORMAT FS=FAT32” and click on enter.
DiskPart CMD

Now you will have to wait for 10-15 minutes for the process to complete after 10-15 minutes, your SD card will be ready.

NOTE: Do not unplug your SD card or flash drive during all these processes.

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