How To Protect And Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers

Facebook account these days are been hacked uncontrollably as we can see, so I felt I should update everyone, using this article on how to protect/secure their Facebook accounts.

Your Facebook account was never hacked; a hacker would rather hang himself than to waste his or her precious time, to hack an account that will yield zero profit to him LOL. What I see occurring today, I can’t call it hacking, because one way or the other, you gave your login details and information to an unknown individual unknowingly. Below is what I can call hacking.

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Hacking is an unauthorized attempt to bypass the security of a network, or system of information’s. It also deals with decryption of encrypted codes.

several ways in which you can give your Facebook login details unknowingly these includes.

1. Facebook Phishing: 70% of Facebook accounts that has been accessed, and their information changed are always done through Facebook phishing. The Facebook phishing is the act of creating a similar web page just like Facebook login page, and the page link sent to you either from a friend, relation or perhaps from random groups or pages.

When the link is been clicked, it will take you to the phishing page where it will display the phrase “you must login to Facebook first to continue” and once you input your Facebook login details your details will be sent to the Phishing page creator, now he or she has your password in which he or she can gain access to your account at any given time. HINT whenever you click on a link and it tells you to login to Facebook quickly flee from that link or page.

2. The second most common one is a friend or relations, asking you for your login details on Facebook (flee from such conversations, perhaps that persons account might have been accessed already and also want to gain access to yours).

3. Stolen, lost, or sold your old device: perhaps your device is stolen or you sold it without logging out from your social apps, these can give the new phone user access to your accounts which he or she can manipulate unless you change your password.

4. Friends and relation: your account also might be accessed by your friend, or a relation which you once logged into Facebook using his or her mobile device, all you have to do is change your password.

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Few ways to prevent Youur Facebook account from being hacked.

1. Avoid logging in to Facebook with multiple devices.
2. Avoid accepting random friend requests from people you don’t know in person.
3. Never send your Facebook email, phone number, or password to anyone online be it a brother, sister, relation or a friend no matter what (that person account might have been hacked already).
4. Do not click on random links you see offering fake promo or whatever.
5. Always change your password if you feel there might be someone accessing your Facebook account other than you.

Steps on how to activate the two factor authentication.

1. Tap the burger button at the top right side of the Facebook app.
2. Scroll down and tap on the settings and privacy drop down for more options.
3. Click on settings.
4. Scroll down, under security click on security and login.
5. On the new page, scroll down under two factor Authentication options, click on use two factor authentications.
6. Tap on text message (SMS) radio button. (When this is selected, where ever there is an unauthorized login from an unknown device an SMS will be sent to your registered Facebook number in order for you to verify it was actually you).
7. A page for you to add your preferred number will display, now add a number in which you will be receiving the SMS to and tap on continue.
8. A six digit code will be sent to your newly added number now input the code on the provided field and tap on continue.
9. Input your password on the next page to verify and authorize the two factor authentication on your Facebook account and click on continue, congratulations by adding two factor authentications to your Facebook account, your Facebook account is now secure.

NOTE: The two factor authentication always change whenever there is a login on your account from a new device never share the codes generated with anyone pretending to be from Facebook or elsewhere.

Now that your account is secured, whenever you want to login from a new device a code will be sent to your phone number, and the code must be confirmed before the login can be authorized.

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