Different Ways On How To Download YouTube Videos For Free

YouTube is known to be a free video sharing platform, which was bought by Google in the year 2006 November. YouTube allows its users to upload, view, comment, share and subscribe to other users channels.

This platform offers many contents ranging from trailers, to music videos, tutorials, audio recording, and documentaries. With YouTube you can earn advertising revenue from Google adsense an advertising program owned by Google that targets ads to its users according to the video contents and also the audience location.

In other for you to be able to comment, like, and share your own videos on youtube, an account has to be created. Downloading YouTube videos is possible with the YouTube app but sharing the downloaded video is not possible which is sad.

Below are Few reasons why we might want to download YouTube videos into our devices

• So as to be able to share the video with friends.
• It enable you watch them without internet connection.

NOTE: Downloading YouTube videos is illegal; it is against the terms and condition of YouTube. The YouTube app itself has its own inbuilt downloader in which you can download videos and watch offline but you cannot share with friends.

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There are several ways, in which one can download YouTube videos it will be listed below with screenshots where possible for better understanding.


With this method, when browsing YouTube with your browser be it pc or smart phone, for you to be able to download the video you are watching, you need to make a little modification on the YouTube video URL then click on send, wait for your new modified URL to load, choose your video quality then click download.


: Modifying by adding SS to the YouTube video URL

For example if your URL is https://youtube.com/QEieYUm then you are to add the letter SS in front of YouTube and send so your new URL should be https://ssyoutube.com/QEieYUm once you click enter the download page will open choose your quality and click download.
SSYouTube Video Downloader

Modifying by adding VD to the YouTube video URL

Just like the first example, you substitute the later SS to VD so your new URL will be https://vdyoutube.com/QEieYUm then click enter, click download and you are good to go.
VDYouTube Video Downloader
Modifying by adding PP at the end of the YouTube video URL

This is almost similar to the others, but this time you will add the letter PP at the end of the YouTube and send, your new URL should be https://youtubepp.com/QEieYUm.
YouTubePP Video Downloader

Modifying by adding MAGIC between the YouTube video URL

This also is almost similar to the others, but this time you will add the word MAGIC in between the You and Tube and send, your new URL should be https://youmagictube.com/QEieYUm .
YouMAGICTube Video Downloader

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FOR PC: Download 4k video downloader for your pc HERE be it Mac, Ubuntu, windows or Linux. This app gives you varieties of qualities to download from. Whenever you have a YouTube video you want to download, you copy the YouTube video URL and paste it in the 4k downloader app and download your video.

FOR MOBILE: Get vidmate for your android devices HERE this app also gives you series of qualities to choose from, with all the above method given so far, you can also download your YouTube video in mp3 format.


On pc, you can also use add ons to download videos each browsers has their add ons you can download them from the browser settings be it opera, chrome, Firefox or UC browser.

We assisted in giving you multiple ways so that whenever you have a problem in any of the above process, you can choose the other ones. That should mark the end for now kindly share with friends and family.

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