Get Free 1000 Naira And Also Earn Thousands Via Piggyvest

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Piggy vest is platform in which you save money and get interest and you can also earn by investing in little available investments. Today I will be showing you few ways in which you can make cool cash from piggyvest you can read more on piggyvest history and what it is all aboutHERE.

On Piggyvest, registering as a new user, you get free 1000 naira to start your savings journey, the 1000 naira can be redeemed and withdrawn to your ban you can click HERE Register and get started.

After registering as a new user, to claim your free 1000 naira you will have to deposit 1000 naira to your piggy bank account and also 1000 naira in safe lock then transfer 100 naira into your flex account through the Providus bank account number given to you on your flex dashboard.
Flex naira Dasboard

Immediately after claiming your 1000 naira, it will be sent to your safe lock then you wait for just 10days for it to mature so as you will be able to withdraw. After 10 days your free 1000 naira plus the 1000 naira you safe locked will be automatically sent to your flex naira account.

Now here is the real deal, do not withdraw the 2000 naira yet in as much as you would want to remove your 3100 naira. Now the minimum withdrawal for piggy bank is 3000 naira this is what you have to do.

piggy vest withdrawal form

Tap the piggy bank and click on deposit or quick save, input 2100 naira as the amount you want to deposit then choose destination to be piggy bank now click on deposit and choose flex naira as deposit option then click on deposit.

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Immediately your funds from flex naira will be transferred to your piggybank summing up to 3100 naira now you can tap piggybank, tap withdraw and input your password your cash will be sent straight into your account within 10mins.
Piggy vest transaction details

NOTE: The 100 naira deposit to your flex wallet must be a transfer using the account number given to you on your flex naira dashboard but the safe lock and piggybank, an ATM can be used.

You can also transfer 2100 to your flex wallet and the deposit 1k each to both safe lock and piggybank using flex wallet as deposit option instead of ATM.


• BY INVESTING ON INVESTIFY: You can invest on piggyvest with as low as 5000 naira and earn up to 25% ROI. Below is an example of an investment which is already sold out.
piggy vest investify

To invest on investify, you tap on invest and tap on explore to view the current investments available. With investify, you can invest in various industries, agricultures, transportation and many more.

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BY AQUIRING INTERESTS ON ALL YOUR SAVINGS: Interests on piggy bank are gathered daily and are paid at the end of the month, while interest on flex naira are gathered daily and can be claimed at any day any time so also for target savings but the interest can only be claimed at the beginning of every month.
flex naira interest claim

To claim your interest on flex naira, you tap on interest and click on claim so as for target savings and piggybank, just that for target savings you can only claim at the beginning of every month while for piggybank at the end of every month.

BY REFERRING FRIENDS TO PIGGYBANK: Referring friends is also another way to earn on piggyvest you get 1k naira when someone register under and also the new user gets 1000 naira for registering under you.
piggy vest referrals payout

NOTE: if your friend did not register under you, he or she will lose the 1k new user bonus. I hope this small article helps you to earn.

piggy vest payment proof

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