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Piggyvest Dashboard

Piggy vest is an online savings and investment app, that allows you to save, invest, get profit for your savings and also make money through their affiliate program you get N1000 free to start up your savings once you register.Click Here To Register

It was launched on the 7th of January 2016 as a saving platform only and was formally known as before rebranding to piggy vest in April 2019.

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The piggy vest helps you save money you wouldn’t want to touch. It has several savings options, the more you save the more the profit. You can Download the app piggyvest app Here


THE PIGGYBANK: The piggybank is a perfect place to save if you only want to withdraw your money quarterly.

The piggybank has only four withdrawal days in a year, in which you will choose the day you want to withdraw ranging from 31th March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December with a minimum withdrawal of N3000.


With the piggybank, you can turn on automatic savings in which in a particular date and time, some certain amount of money you choose will be deducted and saved.

With the withdrawal dates given, it doesn’t mean that you can’t withdraw on normal days if the need arises a fee charge of 2.5% will be deducted but on the normal four withdrawal days, withdrawal is free of charge.

Also, with the piggybank, points are awarded when you deposit in it. The points for each deposits are N 1000-N4999=1pts, N5000-N9999=2pts, N10,000-N25000=5pts and each point is N10.

Points will be converted to naira and the sent to your flex wallet which is can also be withdrawn. Savings in piggybank gives you an interest of 10% per annum, you get your interest sent to you at the first day of every month.

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THE SAFE LOCK: The safe lock is also one of the easiest ways to save money in piggy vest; it has an interest rate of 15.5% per annum. The safe lock is used to lock away funds which will not be used until a certain date.

Safe lock

When creating a safe lock, you will need to choose when the funds should be unlocked (note that after locking your funds in the safe lock, you won’t be able to access it until the date you select to unlock it when creating the safe lock reaches).

With the safe lock you can choose to lockup your funds for minimum of 10 days.Your interest for saving in the safe lock would be deposited to your flex wallet immediately after safe locking unlike the others.

TARGET SAVINGS: This can also be used, when you are saving towards a particular goal such as rent, school fee or travel.

Money can be withdrawn when needed but a fee of 1% will be charged, and also the interest acquired will be lost. For the target savings, interests are paid also to your flex naira account every end of the month.
Target Savings

INVESTIFY: If you are really looking for a low risk investment, then investify is meant for you. In investify, investments are always available for you to be able to grow your money.

All investors on investify are insured. The minimum amount you can invest, the interest and also the insurance coverage of the investment varies by the investment opportunities.


THE FLEX NAIRA: This is a flexible savings wallet, where interests earned on all piggyvest wallets are paid to. The flex naira is just like the normal bank account, in which an account number will be given to you and you can make transfers into the account, or withdraw out of the account.

You can fund your piggybank, target savings, flex dollar, safe lock or investify using the flex funds.

Flex Naira Dashboard

To fund your flex naira account, you need to link your BVN, and an account number will be given to you in which you can use as a normal bank account with the bank name (Providus Bank).

When transferring funds to your flex naira you choose Providus bank and then input the account number you were given your name will pop up as the recipient then complete your transfer and login to see your already funded wallet.

Don't Forget to Register by Clicking Here and also Download the app piggyvest app Here This post was meant for you to read and understand each part of piggy vest.

You can drop your questions below if you have any issues understanding any term also don’t forget to read on How i made thousand of naira on piggyvest.

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