How To Permanently Delete Your Gmail Account In Seconds.

The Gmail also known as Google mail is a free email service developed by Google. The Gmail provides a whooping 15GB of data storage, file sharing capabilities and it also provides you with the ability to search for a specific message with ease.

In as much as the Gmail is an Email service, a Google account is required to access it. The account created also gives you access to other Google services such as Google drives, photos, and docs.

The Gmail is 100% safe, blocking 99.9% of dangerous Emails before they get to you, also if there is something phish-y about a mail, Gmail always sends a warning.

The Gmail protects your accounts and also gives notifications and denial of unknown access from a different IP address other than your usual IP address so in case you mistakenly dropped into this post and would love to create an account you can visit to create one.

Today’s post is not about how to create an account but how to delete an unwanted Gmail address so below are the steps.

There are several reasons to which one might want to delete his/her Gmail address, some of the reasons may include

• Getting unwanted messages: Too many spam in an email address can be frustrating imagine deleting hundreds of messages today and then end up getting another hundred unwanted messages.
• You don’t like your email address: It might be possible that when you created your email address, you were little but now that you are all grown up you feel the address is childish and you will want to change it.


• No access to your email: You won’t be able to access your email once it get deleted.
• Others won’t be able to reach you: If your email address get deleted, whichever email is sent to your address will bounce back to the sender.
• Unable to reset passwords attached to the deleted address: Once the email address gets deleted, you won’t be able to reset passwords of accounts attached to it like your Facebook, Instagram e.t.c.


• Download your data: First thing you should do is to download all your data before deleting your account so as not to lose any vital information.
• Change the email address of any account connected to it: Change the email address of your connected accounts e.g. Facebook, Instagram e.t.c so that in future you won’t have problem of been unable to change your password.


1. Log into your Gmail account be it pc or mobile phone
2. Click on the burger button on the top left corner of your Gmail
delete your google account
3. Scroll down and click on desktop view
delete your google account
4. Click on settings at the top right corner of your browser
delete your google account
5. Now scroll down and click on Google account settings
delete your google account
6. A page just as the screenshot below will be displayed, then click on data and Personalization
delete your google account
7. Click on delete a service or your account
delete your google account
8. Now for this step, if you want to only delete a service like YouTube, Gmail you choose the first option but if you want to permanently delete your Google account you choose the second option.

delete your google account
After clicking, this will refer you to your login page in order for you to input your password and verify that you really want to delete your account after successful login your account will be deleted permanently.

NOTE: After deleting your account, you won’t be able to reuse the email (this happens so that nobody can access the account and pretend to be you) or gain access to it anymore so you will need to have a rethink before deleting your Gmail account.

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