How To Share Your VPN Internet Connection

I believe you all know what a VPN is, if you don’t, you can check the previous posts. Today, I am going to show you how to share your VPN connection with a PC or with other smart phone devices. I am going straight to the point no beating around the bush.
There are two methods I know that I will be showing you today

1. Using Tethernet (rooted device)
2. Using PDAnet + (non- rooted device)


1. It tethers your phones VPN connection via a USB cable or a WIFI hotspot
2. You can use it to share your VPN connection be it a smart phone or a PC
3. It doesn’t require the installation of the app on both devices.
4. It requires root access to run


1. One has to install the app, on both the PC and the smartphone
2. You can only share your VPN connection with PC (can’t share with other smart phones).
3. It requires no root access
4. You can share your VPN connection through WIFI hotspot(premium), Bluetooth and USB Tether .


Tethernet is a great app, which helps in sharing a VPN connection between two smartphones or a smartphone to a PC via WIFI hotspot or USB tether. This app, needs a device to be rooted in other to perform its full potential.

For rooted devices, Below are the steps to take in other to share your VPN connection using Tethernet.

1. Download Tethernet from HERE
2. Install the downloaded app, and launch it
3. Grant root access( your phone must be rooted in order to use this method if otherwise, use the next method which is meant for non rooted devices).
4. Connect your USB to your PC and the turn on your mobile hotspot or USB tether.
5. Return to the app and click on share via USB tether o Via WIFI hotspot which ever you are using.
tethernet screenshot

6. Now connect the PC or the other smartphone to your Hotspot and enjoy.

Using PDAnet+( Non rooted Devices)

PDAnet+ is also an app, that will help you to share you VPN connection, unlike the Tethernet the PDAnet doesn’t need a device to be rooted before it could work and it works flawlessly if you follow the steps below. The PDAnet has to be downloaded and installed on both the PC and the mobile devices so as it could work. Below are the steps t take with screenshots

1. Download PDAnet+ on your android HERE
    Download PDAnet+ for your windows HERE
    Download PDAnet+ For your MAC HERE
2. Ensure that your hotspot is switched off.
3. RUN and install the PDAnet app on both your PC and your smart phone and launch it.
4. Turn on USB debugging from your mobile phone
usb debugging enable

5. Then Tap and activates the USB Tether option
usb tether

6. A pop up will show click on continue
pop up for continue

6. Connect your USB cable to the PC then install PDAnet on the PC
continue conection pc

7. Open the PDAnet menu from the notification bar of the PC and click on connect internet.
8. It will verify and authenticate your connection and you will be connected via USB.
connection successful

N.B To connect via hotspot, you will need to purchase the premium version.
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