How To Restrict Background Data App

Restricting of background data apps has become one among many tools which can be used to minimize the usage of your mobile data. When background data app is restricted, and mobile data turned on there won’t be any consumption of your data balance due to the fact that all other apps on your background are shut out of using the data except the app you are accessing at the moment.

For example, when you turn data background on, your Whatsapp messages won’t load; neither will Facebook or Instagram and other apps load their notification except you open it. So this helps you to use your data only when you open a particular app.

This helps a lot in reducing the consumption of mobile data in our smart phones. Below are the steps to activate background data with screenshots.


1. Turn on your phone and open settings
2. Click on the more button for more options

N.B. In some phones you might not see the more option after opening the settings but might see data usage so you click it and continue with step 4

3. Then Click on data usage
data usage

4. Click on more again just as shown in the screenshot below
more screenshot

5. Then lastly click on the restrict data background app and click ok to activate it.
restrict background app data

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