Enable Dark Mode on Your Chrome Browser (Pc and Smartphone)

Chrome is one of the most popular browsers owned by Google. It is relatively fast and user friendly. But today we will be talking about hoe to activate dark mode on chrome browsers be it windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu, or you Smartphone.

The dark mode is a feature that trends now in almost all application it helps an app user to access web contents in a dim and eye friendly mode. The dark mode also helps in reducing the waste of juice in batteries of your device, due to the fact that when it is enabled, the whitish light your screen emits will be dimmed thereby there will be less battery consumption. It also helps in reducing eye strain at night.
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So below are the steps and screenshot guides for you to enable dark mode on any of your devices.


1. Download install and launch the chrome browser if not installed already
2. Navigate to your address bar on the chrome browser and type in chrome://flags ad press Send (enter button or go)
chrome flags

3. A page will open up, and then navigate to the search bar on the page and type in FORCE DARK MODE
search box

4. After searching, you will see force dark mode in default
Dropdown screenshot

5. Click on the default and change it to ENABLE then Re launch your chrome and Viola you now have dark mode.
chrome pc dark mode enabled
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N.B you don’t need data connection in order to activate dark mode on any device.


1. Download install and launch the chrome browser if not installed already
2. Click on the three dots at the top right Conner of your browser
burger button chrome mobile

3. Click on settings,
settings chrome mobile

4. Scroll down and Click on themes
themes chrome mobile

5. Click on dark mode to activate it.
dark mode enabled chrome mobile

And that is all, was this helpful? Feel free to drop your comments if you encounter any issues we will be there to assist you and don’t forget to use the share button to share with friends.

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