Easy Steps On How To Buy Bitcoin On Truexgold

Are you searching for a good crypto currency exchanger? Then search no more because you are in the right place today I will be showing a very legitimate crypto currency exchanger in which you can change your crypto currency very fast, and with ease. So have you heard of Truexgold?
Buy Bitcoin truexgold

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Truexgold is Nigeria’s NO 1. Crypto currency exchangers were you instantly and easily buy, sell or exchange the following.

· Bitcoin To Naira
· Ethereum To Naira
· Binary USD to Naira
· AdvanceCash USD to Naira
· PlanetsOfBets to Naira
· Payeer To Naira
· Perfect Money USD to Naira
· And Naira to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfectmoney, AdvanceCash, Binary USD, PlanetsOfBets USD or to Payeer.

90% of Truexgold transactions are fully automated which means, whenever you place an order, there won’t be any delay in processing your order. Truexgold also has an affiliate program, in which you can earn and make cool cash from the platform.

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Below are the step by step guides with screenshots on how to buy Bitcoin on Truexgold securely and also with ease.


1. First register on the Truexgold crypto currency exchanger by Clicking Here
2. After registering, you login to your newly created account.
3. After your successful login, you click on Naira on the “YOU SEND” side, were the blue arrow is pointing on the screenshot and then click on Bitcoin on the YOU RECEIVE side , were the red arrow is pointing on the screenshot automatically, after clicking on the Bitcoin a page will open to fill in your details.
Truexgold Dashboard

4. Now fill in your details gently and correctly to avoid mistakes ranging from the amount you are paying, to your Bitcoin address, to your name, surname down to your email address (note that after putting the amount you will pay, the amount of Bitcoin that will be given to you will be displayed just below it on the receive side) after that make sure you answer the captcha question correctly and then click on the exchange button.
truexgold Exchange section

5. After clicking the exchange button, the next page will show you all your details so as you can confirm your details before placing your order if you feel the details are incorrect you can simply click the back button and edit it before proceeding.
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Now after confirming your details are correct, read the terms and conditions then thick it and click on create order.
Creating an Order on truexgold

6. Just below the create order button it will display your order has been created and you will be redirected automatically to the BID STATS page, where you can monitor in real time the status of your order. When you have successfully paid to the account details shown to your after creating your order, you click on paid (shown in blue arrow) if else click on cancel order until you are ready to pay.
NOTE: Your order will be deleted in three hours if you do not transfer or deposit the money to the account details given to you after placing your order so make sure you only place your order when you are ready o make your payment.
Finalizing Payment truexgold

N.B. If you encounter any issues, you can contact them via the live chat button for your issues to be resolved swiftly. Don't forget to share with friends.

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