How To Share Your Mobile Device Connection Using USB Tethering

Hey guys Today I will be showing you how to share your android phone internet connection with the help of a USB Cable. It is quite easy to do, this is just incase you are having problems with your Hotspot, then this can come in handy.


A pc
An android Smartphone
A good transfer USB cable.


1. your USB cable to your mobile device.
2. Draw down your notification drawer and click on the USB icon.
enable usb debugging

3. A pop up will appear, and then click on install drivers.
install drivers

4. Wait for Connect the drivers to install and show installed successfully on your PC.
5. Now clck on your settings from your mobile device and click on more,
more button

6. Click on Tethering and portable hotspot,
tethering hotspot

7. Then click on USB tethering to turn on USB tethering.
usb tethering on

8. Turn on your data and you are good to go. It will indicate on your PC task bar that you are connected to a tethered network just as shown below.

Make sure all this are done with the USB still connect to your PC from your mobile device.

Below is the advantages and disadvantages of USB tethering
1. It is relatively fast
2. It is highly secure
3. It is the best in battery efficiency due to the fact that you are using your mobile device, and it is charging also.

1. The phone has to be idle to prevent disconnection and re-connection of the internet connection.
2. It can easily be disconnected due to cable mishap.

Click HERE for the tutorial video incase you don't understand the post. Don't forget to comment if you have any problem.

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