How To Remove Ads On Tecno And Infinix Devices

Tecno and Infinix devices are fond of displaying ads on our mobile devices which is annoying and thereby making our mobile phones look tattered because of some random apps you did not install, keeps displaying. There are several ways ads keep showing in a device.

• Displays on home screen/menu.
• Pop up ads
• Push notification ads
Most times, ads display on Infinix/Tecno devices is caused by the launcher. The Tecno device uses the HiOS launcher, while the Infinix device uses the XOS launcher. But today, we will be teaching you how you can deal with those ads step by step.

Below are the steps on how to stop ads from displaying.


ads example

1. Press and hold an empty space on your phone home screen,
tecno home screen

2. Some options will display just beneath the screen just as shown in the screen shot below, then you click on desktop settings(on Tecno phones) or menu (on Infinix) devices.
Desktop settings

3. Select other settings,
other settings tecno device

4. Then turn off application recommendation.
turn off app recommendation

This will stop the advertisement of apps which you did not install but keeps displaying.


These ads often show up on the notification drawer, mostly these are caused by apps that are installed on your phone.
To turn this type of ads off, once the ads display, click on it, the application responsible for the ad will open up then go to the app settings and turn it off or you can simply uninstall the app.


Pop up ads are sometimes caused by virus in a mobile device, these can be removed by flashing the device, or by restoring its factory settings to default.
Other times, they are caused by apps you install from an unofficial third party app store and that can be undone by uninstalling the app.

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