How To Connect Your PC To Your Mobile Phone Using Xender.

With no doubt, Xender is more advance than we all think. Xender cannot only be used to send files from two mobile devices only NO but it can also be used to send files from a your PC to your mobile devices and vice versa. This will be of great help to people who want to transfer files urgently but do not have a USB cable
Ths tutorial will be bref and also screenshots are added as seen below so as to assist in understanding the process better just in case you are still having difficulties in understanding the process, you can click HERE to watch a video on the process on youtube.

STEP 1 of 6.

Install xender from playstore or apple store if you dont have one then open on the plus sign the red arrow on the screenshot is pointing.
add button xender

STEP 2 of 6.

Click on connect to pc.
Now there are two ways you can send files to pc either by Web connect(online, and must be connected to the phone network and also data charges may apply). To use web connect, you open your browser on your PC and open and then scan the QR code shown on the screen of you PC. So i was like what if you have a bad camera or you don't have a good internet connection? So whch means method 2 is meant for you.

connect to pc button xender

Step 3 of 6. You click on HOTSPOT as shown in the screenshot below.
hotspot xender

Step 4 of 6: You click on CREATE HOTSPOT.
xender create hotspot

Step 5 of 6: After connecting, at this point, your hotspot will turn on navigate to your wifi on your system and connect to your hotspot. It is most times labelled with "xender_bla bla bla" Just like mine in the screenshot below is "Xender_Ap6088" it differs between phones So connect to it and open your PC browser( any browser will do even internet explorer LOL). Copy the IP address as shown in the screenshot below on your phone and paste it to your PC browser( still your hotspot connected to the pc via xender) after pasting click on go.
xender transfer address

xender Hotspot pc connect

Step 6 of 6: A POPUP will appear on your phone just as show in the screenshot then click accept and viola your device is now connected to your PC you can now send and receive files the navigation will be done using your pc.
Connection Accept Xender mobile

To copy files to your mobile devices, you drag and drop the file on the phone phone image as shown in the screenshot below,
drag and drop files pc xender

while to copy from the device, you select the items to copy and click on the circled download icon
Download files from pc xender
Your files can be found in the download folders and thats all. You can follow the links below to watch a short video on how to go about it. Don't forget to share with friends. Watch video HERE.

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